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Development Journals

Our Parents as Partners Promise

We, at Ottertots are committed to building a strong respectful partnership with every parent. We listen to parent’s views and ideas and provide them with clear information about their child’s progress.

We will give you ideas and support on how to help your child continue their learning at home as we understand this has a significant impact on a child’s development and learning.

We will continually guide our parents in ways to show their child how to, develop a love of reading and how to be happy healthy individuals.

Our Development Journals are part of this promise.

Each time your child begins in a new room we will lay out what they are expected to learn before they move on. Each week we will show you what we have been teaching your child at nursery and how you can support this at home. We will share their achievements with you and encourage you to do the same with us. This can be by sticking in photographs, drawings, or by writing a simple statement about what they have done, it’s up to you.

We will identify what your child needs help with and give any extra support as necessary working together on supporting them to the best of our ability enabling them to achieve their maximum potential.

Together we can make this Development Journal into a valuable informative story of your child’s learning and growth whilst at Ottertots.