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Nursery Layout

Our bright and spacious rooms provide the perfect environment for nurturing, developing and educating children.

The Fox Cub Room

This room is full of bright and wonderful toys and equipment to encourage physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. It has been furnished with care and consideration for all children's needs. The babies have a separate sleeping room which has a range of cots and that homely feel which gives you that calm, warm and trusting atmosphere which is important for your baby. Daily diaries are provided for each child and this promotes communication between parents and staff and allows a child's routine to be monitored and followed.

The Hedgehog Room

These children require more stimulation and their development in all areas progresses at a rapid rate. Language, co-ordination, relationships with others, social skills and independence are all promoted through the activities and equipment available for these children. The hedgehog have a shared Art room with the Fox Cubs where they can experience lots of messy and creative resources.

The Squirrel Room

The Squirrels have lots of space and areas to encounter new experiences and opportunities are on offer. They have their own Art Room which they use daily to develop creativity and imagination through the use of paints, play dough and lots of other creative materials. They have a free flow approach with their garden so the children can make the individual choice whther to play inside or outside.

The Owl Room

This room introduces children through play and positive experiences into basic structured learning. An extensive range of toys, games and equipment is readily available to aid the learning aspects of this stage, which provides a well balanced curriculum ensuring children enter school happy, prepared and confident. Creativity, practical skills, pencil control, number work, musical and physical activities are some of the key elements of nursery life at this stage.

Outside Areas

All children have regular access the gardens and woodlands. Our large garden has climbing equipment and lots of other resources available daily. We also have lots of animals to visit and help look after.

Dining Room/Kitchen

Ottertots wants to offer that homely feeling and by offering a separate dining room. We have achieved an area where different ages can get together and eat and drink and chatter in a relaxed environment. Within this room cooking activities are able to take place and some mouth watering delights can be taken home.

All our rooms can be accessed easily so the different age ranges can get together, to interact and share certain activities e.g. singing, story time, birthday celebrations etc.